Successfully Executing 11 tactics in a “Hospital Tool Kit”

Everyone works the “middle” in the hospital referral chain. Those Case Managers, Discharge Planners and Social Workers that get bombarded daily by hospice, home care and LTACH sale people. There are however many other customers in the hospital that need to be cultivated if you wish to develop a productive relationship with an acute care organization. I have a list of over 25 different customers in a hospital and the related value propositions I would be more than happy to share. Just drop me a line.

Hospitals can be very intimidating for hospice and home care sale folks. A hospital is illiterately a mini city with a variety of sub-cultures, management structures and power groups. Understanding this is key to success. Having come out of 16-years in a health system environment as an executive has allowed me to intimately understand the pain and pleasure points for all the difference constituency group. From these experiences, I have developed a Hospital Tool Kit with 11 specific tactics to develop relationships and drive referrals.

Here is a list of those 11 tools that I have successfully used to create a preferred provide relationships with 100s of hospitals over my tenure. Each of these is worthy of a separate Blog which I will write about in the future.

  1. Relationship Mapping
  2. Quarterly built Hospital Marketing Plans
  3. Clinical Liaison “Techniques”
  4. Weekend Rounding
  5. Case Studies
  6. Primary Care Physician Communication
  7. Emergency Department Hospice Diversion Program
  8. IUC-Hospice Collaboration
  9. Community Education, Public Relations and Marketing Work
  10. ACO Focus
  11. C-Suite Updates

Putting these tools to work for you will surely result in growth. Good luck in building better hospital relationships!!!

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