Hospice – The Best Lessons Learned

To Serve More Patient and Grow

Some of the best lessons I have learned to serve more people, grow and strengthen financial performance have come from my mentors of the past.

People like Bill Sanger who is a brilliant health care entrepreneur and taught me valuable lessons in strategic business thinking.  Mary Ellen Howard, RSM taught me how to strive for excellence while balancing mission and business objectives.  Bob Beyer my CEO of 12 years in the Trinity Health System taught me much need patience and how to take the art of the long-view.  Most recently Todd Stern, the owner and CEO of Seasons Hospice and Palliative Care.  I had the honor and privilege to work with Todd in several different capacities as he developed and grew Seasons Hospice to the 4th largest hospice in the country. Todd taught me that by focusing on giving the gift of hospice and leaving no patient behind, you cannot help but serve more eligible hospice patients and grow.

I took these lessons learned and working with my partner Greg Grabowski have developed our consulting company Hospice Advisors into a resource for hospice and home care companies searching for state-of-the art best practice solutions to better give the gift of hospice.   Our practice revolves around 7 important elements that support an organizations ability to grow.  These key elements have their roots in my lessens learned and were refined as Greg and I worked together.  Those 7 elements are:

  • Creating a Culture of Growth. It all starts here
  • Moving the needle on the referral-inquiry-to-admission conversion rate
  • Maximizing your Medical Director(s) investment
  • Sales team skill set development: “Happy Feet on the Street”. The Days of Muffin Marketing are Over.
  • Segment-based selling. Nine referral segments and their value propositions
  • The Art of Differentiation
  • The Discipline of the Quarterly Growth Plan. Execution and deployment of strategy.

Starting this March and running through the end of April, I will be sharing short articles on each one of these key elements.  I hope you find these upcoming articles useful ideas, inspirational, and a framework from which to serve more people, grow and strengthen financial performance. If you would like to discuss any of this material with me further, please contact me.

Greg and I offer regular Boot Camps where we teach and share best practices around these key elements.  We are offering a Boot Camp this April in Phoenix Arizona.  A 2-day Sales Intensive on April 2th and 3rd and a 1-day referral inquiry to admission Intensive on April 4th (a selfless promotion 😊) if you are interested, here is a link for further information, https://hospiceadvisors.com/product-category/boot-camps/

Kurt Kazanowski MS RN CHE

Hospice Advisors

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