To Pay or Not Pay a Sales Bonus?

There has been a great deal of dialogue about whether it is ethical or not to pay bonuses to home care and hospice sales people for referral and admission growth. The National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization came out with a statement that said they believe it is not ethical. Some larger consulting firm also hold this view? What do you think?? I happen to disagree with this thinking.

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Sales Team Skill Sets Development: “Happy Feet On The Street”

You would not believe how many sales folks I have hired in the early part of my career for hospice and home care positions that were BOOMS!!! I mean BIG BOOMS!! In 2001, for one hospice I was helping execute a growth strategy, we hired 4 sales people who within 4 months left the organization as they just weren’t a fit. But you learn from your mistakes and make adjustments. Lessons learned were past sales experiences and performance is key. Just because someone tells you they have tons of “relationships” in the community doesn’t mean they will be good sales people and drive business.