The Power of Case Studies

The days of selling solely replying on “Trash and Trinkets” is over!! Such things as pens, cupcakes and candy are a thing of the past. Selling Home Care and Hospice on value is king. Understand the value proportions and being able to communicate them to referral sources is what will drive referrals…..not cupcakes.

The Most Unrecognized Powerful Marketing Tool You Have

Here is a marketing tool that can turbo-charge your marketing and relationship development efforts in facilities. Home Health Aids!! That is right, HHAs. These unsung heroes are in facilities more than any other professionals from our interdisciplinary team. I have held numerous marketing training programs over the years and to date, this HHA training session was amongst one of the best. Several ideas that surfaced from this training I still use today. With some coaching and tools, your HHAs can help build your facility based business.

The Most Unrecognized Powerful Marketing Tool You Have – The Home Health Aid

With some coaching and tools, your HHAs can help build your facility based business.

Six Sure Fire Tactics to Grow Your Senior Living Community Referrals

Are you looking for ways to grow your facility based business? Are you ready to differentiate yourself from others in your care and services in Senior Living Communities? Learn in this post how to increase the number of referrals from Senior Living Communities and truly strengthen your overall relationships. Six sure fire tactics included here.

Unleash a New Referral Source

Everyone is working the “middle” to get there next referral!! The hospital social worker, the oncologist, the SNF, etc. Here is a segment that both I and others have worked that is still under developed. The Parrish Nurse!!

I can hear you asking…..what the heck is a Parrish Nurse? Parrish Nursing actually started in USA around 1982 in Chicago.

The Best Referral Development Strategy for Personal Care Home Health

The #1 best strategy I have come across to increase the number of referral inquires for Personal Care Home Health (aka, private duty) is: THE INTERNET.  Not sales people on the street or community events but the web!! Last year, the Wall Street Journal sighted people using the internet to search for medical and health information only second to people searching for adult XXX content. This fact is a high leverage point for those of us (yes, I own two Personal Care Companies myself) who are looking to increase referrals in a very competitive market place.

Turbo Charging Your Greatest Business Development Investment

Hello from Albuquerque, New Mexico, Land of Enchantment! This post circles back and expands on a previous post that talked about maximizing your Medical Staff investment. I have had several recent calls and emails asking for better ways to develop a more comprehensive and results oriented Physician Engagement strategy. Engagement of both your own physicians as well as physicians in your community.

Here are three basic “blocking and tackling” physician engagement strategies and ways to turbo charge your greatest business development investment: physicians! Your own medical staff is not only there to help you insure that quality compliant care is delivered but to help you serve more eligible hospice patients. There are a number of ways to achieve this. As more of a philosophical statement, “if it is not illegal, immoral or unethical, the more business relationships you can establish the better!

Riding The Aging of America: Developing a Personal Care Home Health Company

Hello from Atlanta Georgia!!! I’m here with several home care executives talking about the merits of getting into the personal care home health business. This post explores that topic.

As some of you may know, I have two personal care home health care companies. One is a franchise model called Homewatch CareGivers that I own in Plymouth Michigan where I live and the other is in Moscow Russia. I am 49% owner of First Home Care

These are GREAT businesses to be in because the world continues to age!! Baby boomers began turning 65 in January, heralding a seismic shift in demographics worldwide. In the United States, by the year 2035, 1 in 5 people are expected to be age 65 or older. America’s aging population has profound implications for society, as well as for policy makers and businesses.