Building Your Hospital-Hospice Admissions

Through The Emergency Department

A hospital is a “mini-city” and understanding all the subsegments that make up a hospital is critical to serving more people and growing.  Each subsegment in the hospital has a unique value proposition.  Clearly understanding each sub segments Value Proposition is a first-step to developing a marketing strategy.

Value propositions usually revolve around the following:

  1. Strengthening quality
  2. Revenue enhancement
  3. Reduction in expenses
  4. Reduction is inappropriate re-admissions
  5. Reduction in mortality stats
  6. Increase in patient satisfaction
  7. Lowering litigation risk
  8. Case management

One excellent part of the hospital to work is the Emergency Department.  There are several reasons.  First, everyone works the “middle”.  Those Social Workers, Discharge Planners, Case Managers who interface with patients the most. This isn’t the case in this area of the hospital.

The Emergency Department however is an excellent way to both “break into” a hospital as well as meeting end of life care needs. Developing a marketing plan to add value to an Emergency Department will make you a valuable partner.  The Value Propositions for the Emergency Department are many.  From the list above, here is where the value is at: Numbers 1, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8.

Below is a gift from Hospice Advisors.  It is a Power Point video presentation you can use to start a dialogue with the Emergency Department.

Best wishes!

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